BenefitVision facilitates the enrollment of INTERNATIONAL SHOE MANUFACTURER with multiple groups of employees and varying benefits and costs.

BenefitVision is responsible for customized benefit communication, enrollment, and administration utilizing innovative methodologies. This client used our Tele-Enrollment System to educate their growing population. Employees call into our Benefits Representatives who act as an extension of the client’s HR department.

The employee follows along in an Enrollment Workbook as the Benefits Rep guides them through their benefit options, answering questions as they go. At the end of the call, the Benefits  Representative enters the decisions and sends the data to our client (and often vendors). An electronic signature is taken and a Confirmation Statement is sent to the employee.


The employee groups included corporate salaried, corporate hourly, retail managers, retail hourly, union warehouse, manufacturing, non-union manufacturing, and sales.  Additionally, the union group not only had different benefits offered, the waiting period for some benefits was different from others.


Year 1 & 2 – Communications required four distinct booklets to ensure the employees only heard about the appropriate benefits and costs.  Midway through first year, the client acquired a second company, with completely different benefit offerings and costs. This required a fifth booklet.

A table with waiting periods had to be developed to allow a single enrollment call to cover all benefits, including those with a six month to one year waiting periods. Special coding was necessary for the payroll files.

Year 3 – Starting their third year with us, the decision was taken to harmonize benefits between the two different companies. We needed to provide them with a table of differences so they could determine what steps to take to begin the process.

Discussions were held to determine what benefits could be immediately merged, and what ones would take longer. Partial harmonization was completed by the beginning of the open enrollment period. Books were reduced from five to four.

Year 4 – Their fourth year with us, harmonization between the two original companies was continued. Benefit offerings were merged, though costs were still very different. Books were reduced to three.

Year 5 – Their fifth year, the harmonization was completed. Similar groups within the companies were offered similar benefits at the same costs. Books were reduced to two, Union and Non-Union.

Our client is highly satisfied with our attention to details and our quick response time. We were able to reduce costs with fewer Enrollment Workbooks.

Although difficult to quantify, our experienced IT department of 34 saved the client’s staff significant time and effort. HIPAA compliance, hardware upgrades, telephony, and additional staff were not a strain on the HR budget.  All with NO PEPM charge.

Employees like their personalized attention and have a better understanding of their benefits and feel confident they have made the best choices for their families.

“I’m very proud of our team. Technology is ever-changing; the need to depend on it is not. We never lose sight of the fact that everything we do is for and about people. Whether it’s the employees being covered, the HR staff with whom we interact, or the carriers and vendors we deal with every day on their behalf… all of us go the extra mile to make sure we’re delivering the data, service and support our clients need to get the results they want.” ~ Ron Kleiman, Chief Executive Officer

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