BenefitVision provides a range of Employee Benefits Enrollment methods to meet each of our clients needs. All our options are designed to help make enrollments easy, efficient, and stress-free.

All our enrollment methods are based on helping employees make the best choices for their coverage and protection. Each of our enrollment options seamlessly integrates all of the data, reporting, and tracking so that you and your providers get all the data required.

Choosing the right employee benefits enrollment method for your organization.

The enrollment method you choose should take into consideration not just costs, but also the information needs of the employees. The number of locations where employees are located, their shifts, work environments, language preferences and literacy levels all weigh on which are the best methods.

Once those needs are identified, we work with you to determine the support needed to meet your organization’s data processing requirements. Then, the design and implementation of the best overall enrollment solution for your organization can begin.

BenefitVision offers a range of Employee Benefits Enrollment methods including online, by phone, and in-person:

Call Center:

Employers desiring individual telephone enrollment for employees can choose our traditional Call Center Enrollment solution provided through our U.S. Enrollment Services partner.

  • Benefits Representatives provide meaningful education and help employees make informed benefit elections.
  • All calls are recorded, saved and immediately retrievable.
  • Full-time quality monitors evaluate calls and provide immediate coaching when necessary to the Benefits Representative(s).
  • Bilingual representatives available.
  • Calls can be made outside business hours.

On-site enrollment:

Employers desiring in-person enrollments for employees can choose our traditional on-site enrollment method. During on-site enrollments, BenefitVision Representatives gather employee information and plan electives.

Voluntary Employee Benefits Enrollment

In addition to our choice of ‘front end’ enrollment methods, we support our clients with our proprietary back-end system for tracking voluntary benefits enrollments. The BenefitVision Insurance Application Management System (IAMS) tracks enrollments from the time of application through to the issuance of policies and the payment of premiums. The system sends applications to the carriers, and tracks that applications are received and processed in a timely fashion. And, it verifies that payroll deductions have been initiated.

Whether it's for the employees who are being covered, the people in HR with whom we interact, or the carriers and vendors we deal with every day, one thing remains true. All of us go the extra mile to ensure we're delivering the kind of data, service, and support our clients need to get the results they want.

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