Did you hit your open enrollment goals?

On average, studies have found more than 30% of an associate’s compensation is in the form of the schools’ benefits.* If your associates don’t understand their benefits, or aren’t using them at all, the value of those benefits can go to waste.  

How can you increase awareness and raise participation in your strategic benefit initiatives? BenefitVision works closely with your Benefits Administrator to make sure the solutions we provide clearly address the unique issues that matter to you.  We provide tailored messages that engage every associate to make better benefit decisions.  Tax savings are not overlooked because associates don’t understand them.   We help migrate your associates to high deductibles and offer solutions for first dollar, out-of-pocket costs.  Our value added services engage each associate to help them better understand all of your critical benefit messages all-year-round.   

BenefitVision can help you pass every test with flying colors!

You will experience an efficient implementation process that ensures accurate communication and enrollment setup, as well as access to a benefit administration system that is customized to meet your needs without a PEPM that busts your budget.   Outsourcing technology sustains your systems and avoids the costs of upgrades and staff.  

Information is given out. 

Communication is getting through. 

Participation makes it stick.                                                 

 Let’s talk.  




*Employer Costs for Employee Compensation, Bureau of Labor Statistics, March 2017.

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