The Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg employs about 3,000 employees. In 2017 they had 430 new hires. Actually, almost 89% of the employees who were there at the beginning of the year were there at the end of the year, but even 430 new hires represent a lot of work.

They wanted help streamlining their onboarding process to include 130 locations, and to establish a centralized support system to assist in explaining and communicating the value of their benefits to different classes of employees, and to introduce new benefits.

Their methodology had utilizing Principals or Priests to hand out the information to their individual employees. The staff of the Benefits Department manually input the data for each benefit election, or status change directly into the carrier website to enroll or cancel coverage. Every year, the HR Director would travel on a “road show” to specific locations to communicate changes, copays, deductibles and rates for Open Enrollment.

Different classes of employees received different benefit structures and offerings. They had huge challenges onboarding their large group of newly hired teachers in August.


BenefitVision helps the Diocese get critical messages across to all of their locations. Our Creative Department deploys every communication tool available to spread the word about the new enrollment methods.

All employees just pick up the phone, at their convenience, and talk to a Benefits Representative. New hires are given a complete benefit orientation. Every employee can follow along in an Enrollment Workbook as the Benefit Representative guides them through their benefit options, answering all their questions as they go. The Benefit Representative simply enters the employee’s decisions into the benefits administration system, which is the Database of Record for their vendors and Human Resources. The calls are recorded and stored for seven years if a verification is necessary.

We introduce a permanent Life Insurance policy with Long Term Care benefits as well as a Term Life policy. Both have guaranteed issue underwriting. Additionally, an Accident Plan for families, and a Critical Illness Insurance plan are offered. Employees appreciate the personalized attention they get. The organization is delighted to have the features of the core and voluntary benefits explained and enrolled with electronic signatures. There was an even higher retention rate among those employees who enrolled for voluntary benefits.