I was on a plane from Charlotte to Chicago sitting beside a gentleman who told me that he worked for a very large corporation. We discussed the pros and cons of working for a Fortune 500 company in contrast to the much smaller service company I represent.  When I told him what we do and how we do it, he exclaimed, “I wish my company had a service like that, nobody understands the benefits maze.”

Over the years, I’ve found that it is not an uncommon response from an employee who doesn’t want to bother HR with their individual questions. Busy family calendars just don’t prioritize time to understand the market or shop for insurance options to meet their needs.

Life Can Change in an Instant

Insurance plans can provide immediate financial relief from the overwhelming expenses of an unexpected event.   What if there is loss of income from an accident? What if a dreaded disease arises requiring expensive treatment? What if there is a loss of life?   Most people want the comfort and benefits of insurance coverage.

We know you have a lot on your plate. That’s why BenefitVision makes voluntary benefit offerings and core benefit enrollment solutions a turnkey process for our clients. With nearly a quarter century of experience, our team knows how to help you deliver innovative employee benefit solutions for the best value.

Employees Just Want Peace of Mind

There can be multiple frustrations when it comes to insurance and finances. Even conscientious employees sometimes must “rob Peter to pay Paul’ to meet their high deductible. What if they are sick and can’t work? As they age, most worry about what would happen if they need long-term care.

Employees want to be responsible and keep the promises they made to their families. Today, more than ever, employees are looking to their employer for solutions that give them peace of mind.

 Making Effective Communication Affordable

To make the process affordable, BenefitVision has developed a creative funding model that not only deals with the cost, but goes further by helping employers enhance their benefits offering.

Income from the optional voluntary benefits pays for the cost of the communication program. The result? Employees love having more options, the employer gets to enhance the benefits package without extra cost, and better communication is provided to all.

This is a real win-win.  Let’s talk.