We focus on the effective communication of plan benefits, features, and choices to employees. BenefitVision has offered fully-customizable programs since 1994 which help employers control rising healthcare costs while retaining satisfied employees.

BenefitVision delivers services through an office in Los Angeles, an Enrollment Center in Harrisburg, PA, and now through BVI-PR located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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we understand the value of good communication


Better Benefits Communication yields higher satisfaction

At BenefitVision we understand the value of good communication in benefits enrollment. Properly communicating program and benefit options leads to higher enrollment and better employee satisfaction. As a result, employers get lower healthcare costs and a happier, healthier workforce.

Enrollment options that fit your needs

We offer a choice of benefit enrollment solutions. Employers can choose online, on-site, or call center enrollments. Every aspect of our benefit solution is fully customizable and configurable.

Voluntary Benefits control costs and increase employee satisfaction

We offer voluntary benefits to supplement core benefit coverage and help control costs for employers. Our voluntary benefit options include: universal life insurance, disability insurance, legal plans, and much more. We help companies build the best possible voluntary benefit offerings, to ensure satisfaction for both employers and their employees.

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Effective communication of the value of benefits offered is the key to employee satisfaction…


Easy, efficient enrollment online or by phone, guided or self-guided…


We handle benefits technology from end-to-end so you can focus on your business…


Voluntary benefits can help fill the affordability gap for you and your employees…

Cost Savings

Our experience and broad network of partners can help drive down the rising costs of benefits…

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