With increases in the cost of employee benefits, Benefits Departments continue the search for effective cost containment strategies. Most employers are extremely busy re-evaluating benefit plan options, shopping for new providers, raising employee contribution levels and searching for increased efficiencies within their HR technology strategies.  Additionally, pressure to explain their plans to every employee and transmit the data in a short period of time is stressful.

And…it’s no wonder that almost every study out there suggests that employees dread open enrollment because they have difficulty understanding the benefits and health insurance options available to them.

A Harris Poll survey really hit home:

  • Nearly half (49%) of employees eligible for employer-sponsored benefits say making health insurance decisions is “always stressful,”.
  • Researchers note that “others use more critical language, calling their benefits communication complex (18%), disappointing (15%), boring (10%), or a waste (7%).”
  • Only about half of employees know their out-of-pocket maximums (53%) or their employers’ contributions to the costs of health insurance (47%).

Outsourcing has its advantages.  Enrollment firms can staff and deploy Benefits Representatives who are trained on their client’s benefit plans, but can the client expect consistent delivery of the client’s critical messages?  And what about newly eligible employees throughout the year?

BenefitVision can work with you to find the most effective strategies and methodologies for every learning style.  We can offer a choice for employees to call-in or log-on to get the information they need.  With either method, our seasoned Benefits Representatives explain and compare the features of all of the benefits as they review the plans with the employee. The data is captured and sent to back to our clients and/or their vendors.

Surveys taken have shown that the employees have a greater appreciation of the benefits the employer has offered, and are confident that they have made the best choices for their family’s future needs.   Benefits Departments are relieved from the redundant tasks that require additional resources they cannot deploy.

If you hate open enrollment, BenefitVision is your pain relief.

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