Self-Service alone sounds good but does not work

Benefit Enrollment is much more than just the mechanics. Helping to insure employees understand and appreciate their benefits works best when employees can speak one-on-one with a knowledgeable benefits representative whose focus is on helping the employee understand his or her options and helping them through the process.

In a white paper authored by Andrea Davis, Editor-In-Chief Employee Benefit News, we hear that “Blanket communications of benefit programs – mass communication to the whole population with the same information, regardless of what their needs are – may be one of the factors that contributes to low engagement and utilization of benefits.”  Further, amongst the top concerns workers have is “Selecting and understanding benefits (50%).”

And the reality is that it is even worse according to another study.

The International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans’ Benefits Communication Survey Results revealed that, despite prioritizing benefits communication, only 19% of employers say their employees have a high level of understanding their benefits.   The reason why employers say benefits understanding is so low is because most participants do not open/read materials (80% of organizations reported this), almost half don’t understand the materials, and participants do not perceive value in their benefits (31%).

At BenefitVision we use live, knowledgeable and experienced people as well as one of the best enrollment and administration platforms available to communicate one-on-one with every employee.  To do any less would be just short of criminal.

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