How do you communicate and educate our employees during open enrollment?

The best communications appeal to more than one of the senses, and the very best goes even further – getting a person involved in order to imprint the messages.  Our enrollment process combines some of the latest technology with multiple human “touch points,” including:

Verification – The employees’ information is verified and updated with critical information such as emergency contacts, email addresses, cell phone numbers, etc..

Convenience – The employee initiates the call or log in when they are ready to enroll

Engagement – The employee can follow along with the Benefit Representative in a customized workbook, or online using our proprietary co-browsing technology as described below.

Comprehension – We walk the employee through all their benefit options and answer questions.  We are not a call center that just answers specific questions.

Effectiveness – Our methodology is high-tech with personalized attention the employee appreciates.

Confirmation – After the enrollment session the employee receives a confirmation statement, detailing all elections made through BenefitVision.

For many clients, we recommend self-service with full service.  With this method, employees access their benefit information via the web, but also connect with our Benefit Representatives who co-browse with them to provide a comprehensive benefit orientation and to answer any questions they may have.

Are your services provided year round or just during open enrollment?

Our enrollment centers take calls from 9 AM to 5 PM coast-to-coast, all year round, 9 to 9 coast to coast during open enrollment periods.

What is your fee structure including price increases?

Our creative funding solution is to work with our clients to find some voluntary benefits such as Universal life, critical Illness insurance, or accident insurance to add to their menu of available benefits for their employees. This does two things. First, employees love having more benefit options. They feel that their benefits package has been enhanced. And second, the money received from the carriers for that plan or plans, pays for BenefitVision’s service. We work closely with our clients and their advisors to select the best such products available.

Our employees have no appreciation for the benefits we offer. How can you help us?

With BenefitVision’s Tele-Enrollment process, or our proprietary online system, employees talk to a Benefit Representative. The Benefit Representative—who is trained to provide information and answer questions about utilizing tax saving options, wellness programs and all other benefits – guides the employee through the enrollment. The employees follow along, screen by screen, or by using an Enrollment Workbook, sometimes with a spouse involved. They write down features that are important to them. And they feel free to ask specific questions and are confident that they have made informed benefit decisions.

We currently use self-service only and it just does not seem to be working? Why?

Employees don’t read and it is too labor extensive to answer questions and explain the benefits to every employee. Self-service is not service. Bad choices mean bigger budgets. Our innovative methods can help employees understand and appreciate their benefits.

Are there any security issues we should be aware of?

There are always security issues to be concerned about. BenefitVision has the highest level of security for data, web access, building security, privacy and so forth.

Should we worry about High Pressure Sales of Voluntary Benefits?

BenefitVision Benefit Representatives are unique among firms offering services such as ours. They are all W-2 employees (no 1099 contractors). They receive no commissions. They are paid hourly for their work. However, most are year-round employees eligible for paid time off benefits, paid holidays, a highly subsidized medical plan, a 401k plan with a company match and a full complement of additional benefits. They receive no compensation based on enrollment of voluntary benefits.

Do you only work with your own enrollment system?

BenefitVision has a great benefits enrollment system that we give our clients as part of our service. However, if the client already has a system, we will combine our enrollment services with their system. We also work with other third party systems on behalf of the client.

What does your Benefit Enrollment System cost?

We include our Benefit Enrollment System with our services when our clients are right sized for our mutual success.

How do you keep my information safe?

BenefitVision is always HIPAA-compliant. We protect all member health information with 3DES Encryption, and the Personal Health Information (PHI) we collect is accessible only through strong authentication, which is IP-restricted. We perform regular site audits and host all servers in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. Only licensed health insurance brokers have access to health insurance applications containing PHI, and our team works on HIPAA-compliant computers via secure connections. Under no circumstances would BenefitVision Health share member data of any kind with a third party without the member’s express written consent.

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