In our current society, everything is based around technology. It might be hard to think back to a time where you had to mail a handwritten letter instead of typing up a quick email. There have been extreme advancements in communication among other areas. Many of the reasons to see someone face to face have been replaced. You can FaceTime or Skype from a mobile device that sits in your pocket. As technology becomes more convenient, businesses also have the opportunity to expand their operations.

We know that every company is not prepared financially or staffed to implement new technology. “The squeaky wheel gets the oil” often sets priorities. Benefits technology alone can’t help employees choose the best plan for their money. Many aspects of running a business still require a human touch which can increase the payroll budget.

BenefitVision provides a solution that offers the best of technology and staff to communicate your benefits messages. The ACES program combined with well-trained Benefits Representatives give employees old fashioned service when they enroll for benefits. Logging on or calling in gives employees a choice of how to get an immediate connection to the communication process.

Everyone needs technology they can depend on with easy access. Our online enrollment program is BenefitVision ACES, A Configurable Enrollment System. It can be described as “robust” and “flexible.”  Data can be transferred to insurance carriers, payroll departments and human resources. BenefitVision’s IT staff inspects, scrubs data and sets alarms to alert and ensure that the data feeds are sent and received as scheduled. ACES is always up to date and on real time, so you can depend on our proprietary technology to manage clients’ employee benefits programs.

Benefits technology doesn’t resolve all of your HR challenges. It is the personal touch that can help employees avoid costly mistakes that will impact them throughout the year. We can assist employers in controlling health and welfare benefit costs by defining terms that confuse employees such as dependent eligibility, and evidence of insurability.  At BenefitVision, we never lose sight of the fact that all the employee benefits, enrollment services and technology we provide are for and about the people who need a helping hand. Click here to see how we do it!

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