The best communications appeal to more than one of the senses, and the very best goes even further – getting a person involved in order to imprint the messages.  Our enrollment process combines some of the latest technology with multiple human “touch points,” including:

Verification – The employees’ information is verified and updated with critical information such as emergency contacts, email addresses, cell phone numbers, etc..

Convenience – The employee initiates the call or log in when they are ready to enroll

Engagement – The employee can follow along with the Benefit Representative in a customized workbook, or online using our proprietary co-browsing technology as described below.

Comprehension – We walk the employee through all their benefit options and answer questions.  We are not a call center that just answers specific questions.

Effectiveness – Our methodology is high-tech with personalized attention the employee appreciates.

Confirmation – After the enrollment session the employee receives a confirmation statement, detailing all elections made through BenefitVision.

For many clients, we recommend self-service with full service.  With this method, employees access their benefit information via the web, but also connect with our Benefit Representatives who co-browse with them to provide a comprehensive benefit orientation and to answer any questions they may have.