Give Your Employees a Wow

In business, we have to make hard decisions. Our CFO asks if we can cut costs here? Can we keep up with the competition? Can we afford the best talent? Is our pricing, right? Can we be the biggest, or the best? At BenefitVision, we envision the best and offer “Concierge Level Service” that employees can get excited about.

Self-service based benefit enrollment can offer convenience for employers and employees alike, however the process can be intimidating and often frustrating for employees who know their family’s wellbeing is based on the decisions they make. Questions like “what’s the difference between the two plans?” and “Exactly how much will this cost me when I use it?” typically go unanswered. Employees want to talk to someone. They want an expert that can guide them through their best options.

We provide a professional Benefits Representative who presents benefits plans, verifies and updates employee and dependent data, answers questions, explains the various options available and even models the out-of-pocket expenses so every employee can make an informed decision about their benefit needs and costs. Elections are recorded then uploaded at the end of the session, and employees are given a confirmation statement for their records.

The reality in business is that as professionals we have to make decisions. One of the hardest is whether to be the biggest or the best. Do you offer good service or great service?

You will hear about avatar solutions, or how self-service is what this or that generation prefers. They want to be able to do things themselves. You may hear that talking to a person is “old school.” We believe that “old school” is caring, and service is really going above and beyond to provide your employees with the best enrollment experience possible.

Give employees a “wow.” Help them appreciate the value of the benefit offerings you provide. Discover the BenefitVision advantage.

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