Senior Vice President

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Jennifer Kleiman, Senior Vice President of Information Technology, joined BenefitVision in 2000 as an applications developer. She has led the design and development of a number of BenefitVision’s core technologies. Presently, she is in charge of leading the development team in its continuing mission to expand and enhance BenefitVision’s technology offerings, anticipating client needs while accommodating changes in the insurance and technology landscapes.

Jennifer obtained a Master’s in Mathematics from Purdue University and a Master’s in Education from Georgia State University while working towards a doctorate in mathematics education. The pedagogical techniques she researched at that time can be seen in BenefitVision’s enrollment technology, WebAces, where users browse virtually hand in hand with benefit representatives to experience the best benefits education available without actually taking a college course.

Jennifer loves nature and spends her time away from work among her orchard, gardens, livestock and pets. Her office in Athens, GA includes both indoor and outdoor working spaces, where she has to mute her phone during conference calls due to loud background birdsong.


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